​​As a cannabis manufacturer, you understand the importance of producing high-quality products that are safe and compliant. Part of ensuring your products meet all safety regulations is using child-resistant packaging when necessary. This blog post provides everything you need to know about child-resistant packaging for cannabis, including why and how to choose the right solution for your business. By understanding the cannabis packaging requirements in various states, as well as the options available, you can ensure your products are securely packaged and ready for the market.

What is Child Resistant Packaging?

According to the federal Poison Prevention Packaging Act, child-resistant packaging must be:

  • Difficult for those under five years of age to open
  • Sealed with a pry-off metal crown bottle cap
  • Sealed with a plastic packaging that’s a minimum of 4 millimeters thick, and/or
  • Heat-sealed without an easy-open tab, dimple, corner, or flap

Additionally, the labeling on single-serve cannabis products must state that the package is no longer child-resistant after opening. Orally-consumed products must be sealed in packaging that remains child-resistant even after opening.

Why Child-Resistant Packaging for Cannabis Products

There are two main reasons for legislation regarding child-resistant packaging for cannabis. First, as more states legalize the use of recreational marijuana, it’s becoming more accessible to consumers. Unfortunately, as a result, more children are exposed to marijuana products, increasing the risk of them ingesting THC. In 2016, there were 187 recorded instances of children accidentally ingesting cannabis edibles in the U.S. This number increased to over 3,000 in 2020. 

Second, companies are experimenting with and expanding their product lines to include popular cannabis products that happen to be appealing to children. This includes edible bakery items like cookies and brownies, gummies or lollipops that look like candy, and drinks that come in brightly colored, fun packaging that kids can easily mistake for a regular beverage. The result is more children accidentally consuming marijuana and experiencing adverse effects. 

What Happens If a Child Ingests Cannabis Products?

Although the long-term effects of marijuana on children are still unknown, the short-term risks include drowsiness, difficulty breathing, confusion, and increased heart rate. A child may experience seizures, neurological impairment, and breathing issues that require hospitalization in more severe cases. 

The extent to which consuming cannabis affects a child depends on their age and the amount of THC in the product they consume. Smaller and younger children are more likely to experience adverse reactions, especially if they ingest edibles with significant amounts of THC.

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Types of Child-Resistant Packaging

Child-Resistant Jars With Caps

Child-resistant jars with caps are designed to protect children from accessing harmful substances by featuring screw tight lids that are nearly impossible for young ones to open. Generally, these are a more expensive container option because of the materials they are made of. That being said, they are probably the most secure type of child proof packaging. They provide an airtight seal to maintain product freshness, and are best suited for storing flower and waxes. Although they are relatively expensive, child-resistant jars with caps offer a continual and reusable storage option that balances safety and accessibility for adults. 

Child-Resistant Mylar Bags

Child-resistant Mylar bags feature a secure zip-lock mechanism that helps prevent child access. Their moisture and light resistant properties make them excellent options for cannabis product storage. Child-resistant Mylar bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be ideal for storing just about any form of cannabis product. Mylar bags are most commonly used for flower and edibles, but they can also be used for vapes, cartridges, and pre-rolls.

Child-Resistant Pop Tops

Child-resistant pop tops feature airtight squeeze and pop lids that make it virtually impossible for young children to open while still maintaining product freshness and adult accessibility. While these tubes come in a variety of sizes, they are generally only used for pre-roll and blunt storage. That being said, they are super portable and make for a great transportation/storage option for people who want to take their weed on the go.

Child-Resistant Tubes

Child-resistant tube containers feature a push-and-turn mechanism for adult access while preventing children from opening them. They come in a variety of sizes and are a generally affordable and durable option for cannabis storage. They come in both opaque and transparent depending on customer preference. These types of containers are most suitable for storing flower.

Child-Resistant Reversible Cap Vials & Push Down & Turn Vials

Child-resistant reversible cap vials and push down & turn vials are the classic prescription medication containers you picture when you think of the pharmacy. The tried and true child-resistant features work well and offer adults easy accessibility since the opening motion is already so familiar. These containers are most suitable for storing flower, but can also be used for waxes or edibles as well.

Child-Resistant Oval Bottles

Child-resistant oval bottles feature a comfortable grip for adults and child-resistant caps to prevent accidental openings by children. They often come with an additional measuring cap which allows for adults to get exact dosages correctly. They are best suited for storing liquid-based cannabis products that are intended for multiple use. 

Child-Resistant Dropper Bottles

Child-resistant dropper bottles feature a cap that combines squeezing and twisting for child-resistant access while allowing precise dispensing. They are pretty much exclusively used for cannabis tinctures.

Child-Resistant Joint Boxes

Child-resistant joint boxes are highly portable and feature mechanisms that deter child access while providing easy access for adults. They are generally made of metal or thicker plastic which can make them a more pricey option, but their reusability and sleek design make them a desirable storage choice. These containers are most suitable for pre-rolls or small edibles.

State Requirements for Child-Resistant Packaging

Some states have passed legislation regarding cannabis packaging and labeling to minimize the risk of children consuming marijuana products by accident.

Child Resistant Requirements by State

Senior Resistant Packaging

When selecting child-resistant packaging, it’s important to keep the older generation in mind, as more senior citizens are turning to cannabis products for medicinal and recreational purposes. While child-resistant packaging is critical to keep kids safe, it can be difficult for seniors to open. The goal is to make your products accessible to this population without compromising safety. Fortunately, at Green 420 Pack, we’ve found the ideal solution for child-resistant packaging that’s senior-friendly. 

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Additional Considerations for Cannabis Packaging


Tamper-proofing in cannabis child resistant packaging ensures product integrity and safety. Many cannabis storage options like those with resealable caps come with tamper-proofing features. Common tamper-proof features on cannabis containers include shrink bands, induction seals, child resistant blister packaging, and breakable caps. These options help to deter tampering and offer a sense of security and peace of mind for consumers.

Comprehensive Labeling

Cannabis labeling must adhere to legal requirements, which vary from state to state. Generally, however, labels are required to include the following essential information:

  • Instructions on how to use the product properly and safely
  • THC and CBD content of the entire packaged product
  • THC and CBD amount per serving
  • Associated health risks
  • Impairment disclaimer

It’s a good idea to also inform your customers of the potency, type, and strain of your cannabis product so that they can choose an option that suits their preference. Including information about the taste and feel of the product can help persuade customers towards your product over others. 


There’s no question that the marijuana industry is booming. With so many different options and products available, branding is crucial to a successful cannabis business. While maintaining product quality and freshness is important, effective branding strategies ensure that your product is chosen by consumers. Green 420 Pack offers a variety of customizable branding options on our child-resistant packaging so that you can make your product stand out on the shelf. Be sure to create a unique logo and attractive packaging design that will appeal to customers and make your product a mainstay in dispensaries across the country.


What is child-resistant packaging?

Child-resistant packaging, or cr packaging, is any type of packaging that aims to reduce the risk of children ingesting hazardous substances. Child-proof containers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. 

Why is child-resistant packaging essential for cannabis products?

Cannabis is not intended for consumption by children. With recreational marijuana use on the rise and cannabis becoming a norm in more and more households, child-resistant packaging is vital to ensure that no children accidentally ingest any cannabis products. 

Are all cannabis products required to use child-resistant packaging?

Child resistant packaging requirements vary from state to state. All states other than Maine and Vermont require cannabis packaging be child-resistant. 

How do child-resistant packaging solutions work?

Child-resistant packaging comes in a variety of different styles and options. Whether it’s an extra secure zip lock, a push and squeeze cap lock, or a squeeze and pop lid, all child resistant packaging options generally require two hands and coordination to be opened. 

Can child-resistant packaging be resealable and reusable?

Absolutely. Most child-resistant packaging is designed for repeat use and resealing. They are intended to act as the storage container for your cannabis product. 

Are there child-resistant packaging options for different cannabis product types?

Yes. You can use any type of child-resistant container to package your cannabis product, but certain types are better suited for different forms of cannabis. For example, tube shaped child-resistant containers are best for pre-rolls because of their shape and size, whereas child-resistant Mylar bags are best for storing 8ths of flower and 10 counts of edibles. 

Is child-resistance testing necessary for packaging compliance?

The majority of states require that cannabis products be sold in child-resistant packaging. The most popular options for cannabis product packaging have been tested for child-resistance and are considered safe, secure, and viable options. 

Can seniors and adults with limited dexterity open child-resistant packaging easily?

Yes, at Green 420 Pack we strive to provide you with child-resistant packaging that is also senior friendly. The push and turn bottle is a solid option for seniors since they are likely already used to opening these for their other medications.

How can I ensure my cannabis products comply with child-resistant packaging regulations?

The department of cannabis control provides the guidelines necessary for child-resistant packaging compliance.  You can visit their website for a comprehensive list of all the rules and regulations.

Final Thoughts

Child-resistant packaging is a must have in the cannabis industry. You want to ensure that your product doesn’t accidentally get in the hands of a child, which is why taking steps to prevent this aligns with responsible business practices. Most states require cannabis be sold in child-resistant packaging, not complying with state regulations could potentially ruin your business’s success. Opting for senior friendly packaging could increase your potential customers, resulting in higher returns. If you’re looking to customize and purchase child-proof containers wholesale, then Green 420 Pack is the place for you. Choose from our extensive packaging selection and find the perfect option for both your product and your brand.

Get Child-Resistant Packaging from Green 420 Pack

Whether your state requires you to package your marijuana products in child-resistant packaging or you want to be on the safe side regardless, you need child-proof containers. At Green 420 Pack, we have all of your tamper-evident and child-resistant packaging solutions. Each product type requires unique packaging to appeal to your target consumer but not to children. We make that happen with a wide variety of cannabis packaging supplies and multiple custom designs options to ensure your products end up in the right hands, including:

  • Child-Resistant Pill Packer Bottles, Closures, and Droppers
  • Child-Resistant Pre Roll Tubes
  • Tamper-Evident Blister Packaging 
  • Tamper-Evident Mylar Bags

So, if you’re manufacturing cannabis products–whether they be edibles, topicals, concentrates, or flowers–it is vitally important that you invest in child-resistant packaging. Not only will this keep your products safe and inaccessible to children, but it could also save you from severe legal penalties. Green 420 Pack offers a wide variety of child-resistant containers for all sorts of cannabis products. Contact us today to learn more and purchase the perfect packaging for your needs!