Before you place your CBD products on the shelves for consumers to purchase, it’s essential to ensure proper labeling. Not sure where to start? Keep reading for CBD labels and packaging guidelines, as well as CBD product packaging best practices to increase sales.

Do CBD Products Have to Be Labeled?

Yes, your CBD products must include labels with specific information established on a state-by-state basis. Labeling your products correctly is a key component in customer satisfaction and safety. In 2020, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) filed a report to Congress on the extent to which products are mislabeled. The report included findings that of the products tested, nearly 55% contained different levels of CBD than what was stated on the label by more than 20%. So not only do CBD products have to be labeled, but the label must contain accurate information regarding the product contents.

CBD Packaging Requirements and Labeling Requirements

So, what needs to be on CBD labels and packaging? It may vary depending on the state in which you do business. You can review a list of 26 common questions regarding CBD packaging requirements and answers straight from the FDA. Additionally, here are seven CBD product packaging guidelines every CBD seller should follow when deciding what to put on their labels.

1. What Your CBD Product Is or Does

Clearly identify your product on the Product Display Panel (PDP) of your container label. 

  • E.g., “Natural Anxiety Relief: CBD Oil.”

2. The Net Quantity of Contents

State how much of the actual product is in the container, as well as the amount of active CBD per serving. Your measurements must be in volume for liquids or weight for solids. Place this information within the bottom 30% of the Product Display Panel and on an inner informational panel. 

  • E.g., “NT WT 0.5 FL OZ/15 mL”

3. Business Name and Location

Clearly state the manufacturer or distributor of the product, along with contact information so consumers can get in touch with the business if needed. Make sure your business name and address are located on the inner and outer packaging. 

4. Full Declaration of All Ingredients

On your informational panel on the outer packaging or label, you must list all the ingredients within the CBD product. This information is required on the outside of the product container but does not have to be included on the inner container label.

5. Warning Statement

It’s always good practice to include standard warnings for children and pregnant women on your labels, as well as any complications people taking other medications might have. If it’s possible that a consumer could fail a drug test after using the product, be sure to include that information as well.

6. Important Facts

Provide useful information for consumers. For example, disclose if your CBD oil is designed for nighttime use only. Consider any facts a consumer would deem essential to know when purchasing a product.

7. Dates and Codes

Lastly, important information such as expiration dates, manufacturing dates, and batch codes ensure the safe consumption or use of your product.

While these suggested guidelines are an excellent starting point, it’s important to consult all federal, state, and local regulations regarding CBD product packaging before printing your labels. Or you can work with an experienced cannabis packaging company like Green 420 Pack to ensure you don’t miss any vital information on your CBD labels and packaging.

Your Complete Guide to CBD Labels and Packaging

Three CBD Product Packaging Best Practices

Now that you know the recommendations for CBD labels and packaging, here are three CBD product packaging best practices to increase sales.

1. Choose the Right Package for Your CBD Product

It can be hard to know how to show off the best attributes of your CBD product line and ensure customers are drawn in. The key is selecting a package that won’t just keep your product safe from damage but will enhance its selling points. To this end, avoid generic packaging that adds no real benefit to your product. Instead, look for something specific and eye-catching. Consider a transparent or brightly-colored design that lets customers see inside, either with a windowed edge or transparent cutouts. If you’re selling edibles such as gummies or CBD cookies, draw attention to them with bright images, innovative use of color, and attractive fonts. 

2. Invest in Custom CBD Product Packaging to Stand Out on the Shelves

Attractive product packaging gives customers more confidence in their purchase decision while showing them why they should buy. Finding successful packages helps build customer loyalty, capture audience attention, and increase sales potential–not to mention raise the profile of your CBD products everywhere they go! With careful consideration, you’ll have products that jump off the shelf, appealing to both new buyers and existing customers alike.

3. Work with a CBD Product Packaging Specialist to Ensure Your Products are Compliant

Working with CBD product packaging specialists, like the team at Green 420 Pack, can help ensure your products comply with labeling requirements. We’ll provide guidance for accurately labeling products and meeting local, state, and federal regulations. With our help, you can be sure your CBD products adhere to industry standards and proper labeling for legal sale and distribution. 

Create Custom CBD Labels and Packaging with the Help of Green 420 Pack

Custom CBD labels and packaging can make all the difference for CBD sellers looking to stand out in a crowded market. And Green 420 Pack is here to help. We specialize in full-service labeling, packaging, and branding solutions for the cannabis industry. Whether you need mylar bags, pre-roll tubes, custom boxes, or glass and PET containers, we have them–plus custom design services to help your product spring off shelves. With our robust options, we can design unique labels and offer eco-friendly options such as packages crafted with recyclable materials. For more information, please give us a call or learn more about our products and services today!