There are several factors to consider when choosing a cannabis packaging provider. You want to find a company that is reliable, has good prices, and offers a wide range of products. One way to do that is to ask the right questions. Keep reading for nine questions to ask a cannabis packaging provider to ensure you’ll have an excellent experience.

Best Questions to Ask a Cannabis Packaging Provider

When it comes to cannabis packaging, it’s important to choose a provider that will meet your needs and expectations. Here are nine questions to ask when evaluating potential companies.

1. What Types of Cannabis Packaging Do You Offer?

First things first, you’ll want to make sure the provider offers the type of packaging you’re looking for. As you know, there are cannabis packaging requirements and labeling guidelines you must follow for your product to be sold legally. At Green 420 Pack, we offer a wide range of packaging supplies to meet your needs, including:

  • Glass and PET Jars
  • Pill-Packer Bottles
  • Pre-Roll Tubes
  • Glass Vials
  • Mylar Bags
  • Blister Packaging
  • Child-Resistant Tubes and Bottles
  • Custom Boxes
  • And More!

You can learn more about our products and services to ensure we offer the type of cannabis packaging you need. 

2. What are Your Prices & Do You Offer Discounts for Bulk Orders?

Knowing a company’s pricing structure ensures you make the best investment for your cannabis company. At Green 420 Pack, we offer personalized pricing and bulk order discounts to meet your needs. You can contact our team today for more information and a custom quote. 

3. What are Your Minimum Order Quantities?

Most cannabis packaging providers require you to place a minimum quantity order. Understanding the ordering requirements will help ensure you don’t over-purchase. At Green 420 Pack, we require minimum quantities for specific products. For example, the minimum order quantity for our cannabis Mylar bags is 5,000 units. 

4. How Long Will It Take to Get My Order?

It’s important to have realistic expectations on when you’ll receive your products before placing an order with a cannabis packaging provider. At Green 420 Pack, we average a 10-15 day turnaround time to ensure you get your products quickly without compromising quality. 

5. What is Your Return Policy?

While you’ll do your due diligence to ensure you order the right packaging supplies for your products, it’s important to understand a company’s return policy should you receive a damaged, incorrect, or broken item. At Green 420 Pack, we stand behind all of our products. If there is ever an issue we will replace/reprint the item right away.

6. What Types of Materials Do You Use?

You want to package your cannabis products using high-quality materials so that they stay fresh, protected, and compliant. Airtight, light-proof, and smell-resistant packaging is essential. At Green 420 Pack, we use the highest quality materials for our cannabis packaging supplies, depending on the type of container you need. For example, our glass and PET jars come in clear, amber, and colored finishes to meet your needs. Similarly, we offer unique design options for our Mylar bags, including craft paper, silver foil, gold foil, matte finish (spot glass effect), and more specialty finishes. 

7. Can You Accommodate Custom Requests?

Custom packaging is essential to increase sales in the cannabis industry. With such a saturated market, you need packaging that protects your products and makes them stand out on the shelves. At Green 420 Pack, we specialize in custom design and packaging. Our team of designers can help you choose unique options that will connect with your target market and help boost sales. You can learn more about our custom packaging design process here

8. What are Your Shipping Options?

Once you find the perfect packaging, you’ll want to make sure it can ship to you. Inquiring about shipping options before placing your order is essential. At Green 420 Pack, we offer a variety of warehousing and fulfillment options catered to your company’s needs.

9. Do You Have Any Product Examples I Can View?

Last but not least, you’ll want to view product examples to ensure you like what you see. An experienced cannabis packaging provider should be able to show you lots of examples from past and current clients. At Green 420 Pack, we have the privilege of working with hundreds of unique cannabis brands. Check out our website and social media page, or reach out to us, and we can mail some samples to you!

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Cannabis Packaging Provider Questions to Ask When Choosing a Cannabis Packaging Provider Questions to Ask When Choosing a Cannabis Packaging Provider

Choose Green 420 Pack as Your Cannabis Packaging Provider

Are you looking for a cannabis packaging provider that offers custom design options and a commitment to high-quality materials? Look no further than Green 420 Pack! We understand the importance of standing out on dispensary shelves, which is why we offer custom printing and design services. And because we know product safety is paramount in the cannabis industry, all our packaging materials are tested for quality and compliance with regulations. Plus, our team is highly knowledgeable about cannabis packaging laws and can help guide you through the often complex process. So why not give us a try? We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with our personalized approach and top-notch packaging solutions. Contact Green 420 Pack today for all your cannabis packaging needs!