Grandma’s purple kush peanut butter cookies served in what appears to be a questionable polypropylene bag is a thing of the past. The cannabis industry has changed and come a long way from ziplock bags filled with your favorite homemade edibles. Along with the changes and growth of the cannabis industry comes cannabis packaging requirements designed to protect the consumer. The Department of Cannabis Control, formerly propagated and enforced by the California Department of Public Health, sets well-defined cannabis packaging requirements designed to protect the consumer. Read on to learn the proper packaging requirements for your cannabis products that Green 420 Pack abides by today.

A Deep Dive into Cannabis Packaging Requirements

Protection from contamination or exposure to any harmful substances is one of the main goals of the cannabis packaging requirements. To ensure these standards are met, all manufactured products must be packaged as a finished product before transferring the product to a distributor. Cannabis packaging requirements cannot be appealing to children or even imitate non-cannabis food products. For example, according to the cannabis packaging requirements, a manufacturer cannot produce “Stoney Patch Kids.” Knowing this, let’s dive into all the details of how to package your cannabis products correctly.

Child-Resistant Cannabis Packaging Requirements

According to the federal Poison Prevention Packaging Act, child-resistant packaging must be:

  • Difficult for those under five years of age to open
  • Sealed with a pry-off metal crown bottle cap
  • Sealed with a plastic packaging that’s a minimum of 4 millimeters thick, and/or
  • Heat-sealed without an easy-open tab, dimple, corner, or flap

According to cannabis packaging requirements, child-resistant packaging must state that “This package is not child-resistant after opening” on the label of all single-serving cannabis products, including topicals, flowers, pre-rolls, and inhalable concentrates. For suppositories and orally-consumed products such as concentrates or edibles, the products must be sealed in packaging that maintains their child-resistant features after being opened.

Tamper-Evident Cannabis Packaging Requirements

To ensure that the standards are clear and precise, California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control defines tamper-evident as “sealed in a manner that prevents the packaging from being opened without obvious destruction of the seal.” This requirement ensures that products are not tampered with prior to being purchased and indicates if someone other than the intended user opened the product.

Resealable Cannabis Packaging Requirements

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “resealable” is defined as “capable of being tightly closed again after opening.” Green 420 Pack mylar bags are a great example of resealable cannabis packaging. Available in craft paper, silver foil, gold foil, matte finish (spot gloss effect), and more specialized finishes, all of our flexible packaging is resealable to ensure your product meets the packaging requirements. 

Opaque Cannabis Packaging Requirements (for edibles only)

Opaque packaging refers to packaging made with materials and colors that block that passage of light, meaning you cannot easily or clearly see what’s inside. For edible packaging to meet the cannabis packaging requirements, the packaging must be such that consumers cannot see the product through the packaging. Colored bottles are considered opaque, provided that the packaging obscures the color of the liquid inside, and opaque beverage bottles may use a single, vertical, or clear strip less than 1/4″ wide to indicate serving sizes.

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Green 420 Pack Compliant Cannabis Packaging Products

At Green 420 Pack, we ensure your packaging meets the state’s regulations by offering various packaging supplies for all of your best products. 

1. Cannabis Bottles and Jars

Cannabis storage jars are an excellent choice to showcase your beautiful flower while maintaining freshness. We also offer glass tincture bottles available in both clear and colored glass. Our amber-colored tincture bottles range from 5ml-32oz. For those not looking for glass jars, we offer both clear and amber-colored PET jars that range from 1oz-25oz. No matter the product or purpose, Green 420 Pack has you covered.

2. Cannabis Mylar Bags

We offer mylar bags to ensure you meet the resealable and child-resistant packaging requirements. Your cannabis flower, edibles, and freshly cured buds will be well-packaged and smell-proof due to the dense material used.

3. Cannabis Blister Packaging

Blister packaging is an excellent choice because it is durable, transparent, and tamper-proof, ensuring you meet the cannabis packaging requirements and keep your products secure. Blister packages are assembled using a heat-sealing or a special self-seal glue, keeping your products safe until purchased. Available in various sizes, our blister packaging is customizable, helping you stand out from the pack.

4. Child Resistant Cannabis Tubes and Bottles

In order for your cannabis packaging to be compliant, it must be child-resistant. At Green 420 Pack, our child-resistant packaging supplies include tubes and caps that cannot be opened by someone five years old or younger, enabling you to confidently package and distribute your product to the intended consumer.

5. Cannabis Boxes for Edibles

Edibles must be packaged in an opaque package, meaning you cannot see what’s inside the package. Our cannabis boxes for edibles are not only compliant with cannabis packaging requirements but can be customized with unique shapes, colors, and designs to make your product stand out, even though you can’t see what’s inside.

If you’re ready to purchase supplies that meet the all of these packaging requirements, contact us today to get started!

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