Custom Mylar Bags for Marijuana

Cannabis mylar bags are ideal for packaging edibles and dried cannabis products.

Cannabis mylar bags help your products stay safe and fresh by keeping air and moisture out. Additionally, flexible packaging protects your flower or edibles from harsh elements and light exposure. If you want customized flexible packaging for your products, our cannabis mylar bags will do the trick. 

What are Cannabis Mylar Bags For?

Mylar bags are the best packaging option for cannabis products on the market. First and foremost, mylar weed bags ensure that your cannabis products are protected from the environment and kept fresh for as long as possible. This applies to all different types of products, including flower, edibles, concentrates, and pre-rolls. 

While product freshness and longevity is important, mylar bags for weed are also great because of their child-resistant locking feature. With many homes now housing both children and cannabis products under the same roof, there is a serious need for secure and compliant packaging solutions in the cannabis industry. Mylar bags address this need, ensuring that your cannabis products are packaged with an extra layer of security to prevent your children from accidentally ingesting anything they shouldn’t

Marijuana Packaging

Mylar bags are a popular packaging option for cannabis flowers and edibles. Child-resistant mylar bags come in many sizes, with the 3.5-gram bag being one of the most popular measurements on the market. Cannabis mylar bags are an ideal packaging choice because they keep products fresh, safe, and potent.

Packaging for Edibles

Mylar bags are also a great option for packaging edibles. Whether it’s chocolates, gummies, candies, baked goods, or something else, mylar bags are temperature resistant so your product will be safe from losing potency to the heat or cold. In hotter climates, edibles are prone to melting if not stored properly. Mylar bags ensure that chocolates and baked goods are still enjoyable to consume and that gummies and candies don’t melt together. This is extremely important, as you wouldn’t want a customer accidentally eating a higher dose than was intended.

Advantages of Using Cannabis Mylar Bags

1. Child Resistant

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There’s no doubt that cannabis is becoming more and more normalized in today’s society. While this is great for the industry, it also means that children are more likely to be around cannabis products than they ever were before. Thus, child resistant features are of the utmost importance when it comes to your cannabis packaging. Luckily, the double seal on mylar packaging bags are designed to be child-resistant, offering an extra layer of security. Mylar bags can provide a significant advantage over other brands, as parents interested in buying cannabis products will almost always opt for products that are sold in secure packaging.

2. Prolong Shelf Life

One of the significant appeals of cannabis mylar bags is their ability to keep your products fresh for a long time. When stored correctly in mylar bags, products can last for nearly two years without losing potency. Humidity is detrimental for marijuana products, as mold and mildew can quickly form and thrive in warm, damp environments. Because of this, it’s essential to package your products in air-tight, opaque, flexible packaging to preserve freshness. Cannabis mylar bags not only block air, moisture, and light, but they are also impact-resistant and keep your products safe during transportation.

3. Smell Proof

Yes, cannabis mylar bags are smell-proof and lock odors inside. They are airtight and feature a resealable closure for extended freshness that prevents odors from escaping before and after opening. Smell-proof mylar bags are ideal for your cannabis flower and edibles. Stamp your style all over these smell-proof bags to take advantage of one of the most valuable branding opportunities in retail.

4. Resealable

Once opened, cannabis products packaged in mylar bags can be resealed, providing a secure, built in storage option. Products packaged in non-resealable packaging have to be stored elsewhere, which can lead to the loss of potency and the potential for children to have access to cannabis. Mylar bags are resealable and child-resistant, allowing customers the convenience of not needing to find another storage container for their cannabis products.

Custom Mylar Weed Packaging

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They’re also highly customizable, making it easy to take pride in your product by designing your very own branded custom printed mylar bags. We offer design options, including craft paper, silver foil, gold foil, matte finish (spot gloss effect), and more speciality finishes, all of which allow for customization of both dimensions and gussets.

Buying Wholesale Cannabis Mylar Bags

If you’re interested in buying wholesale mylar bags for cannabis, Green 420 Pack is your go-to provider. Browse our selection and customization options to find the perfect fit for your product. It may be in your best interest to buy in bulk, as you will save on cost and avoid issues with availability. Feel free to call or use our contact page for any and all questions. We’re here to help ensure that you get the highest quality packaging possible for your product.


Are your mylar bags smell-proof?
Yes, our mylar bags are airtight and feature a resealable closure for extended freshness that prevents odors from escaping before and after opening.

Can mylar bags be reused?
Yes, our mylar bags feature a secure and resealable double seal that allows for reuse.

Can cannabis mylar bags be customized with my branding?
Absolutely! We offer a wide variety of different design options so that your brand is clearly represented on all custom mylar weed bags.

Are cannabis mylar bags child-resistant?
Yes, mylar bags are built with a double seal that is child-resistant and secure.

How long can cannabis mylar bags keep products fresh?
When stored correctly in mylar bags, products can last for nearly two years without losing potency.

Customize Your Cannabis Packaging with Green 420 Pack

Your customers should enjoy and appreciate your products with the caliber of potency and freshness you intended. Don’t let poor packaging compromise the cannabis products that you’ve worked so hard to perfect. You produce your products with care, they should be packaged with care as well. At Green 420 Pack, our cannabis mylar bags are perfect for preserving freshness and flavor.

Not sure which type of child-resistant flexible packaging you need? The knowledgeable staff at Green 420 Pack can help. Fill out our form below with your details, chat with us on the live chat, or call us toll-free at 800-960-7012. With so many products on the market, let us help ensure that yours is the one that stands out on the shelf!

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