The number of cannabis products offered to customers has never been higher. You can ensure yours don’t get lost in the sea of offerings by utilizing custom packaging for your cannabis products. Keep reading to learn how to make your products stand out and sell more in 2023 and beyond. 

Differentiate Yourself from the Crowd

Stand out from the competition and differentiate your cannabis products with custom packaging. Your customers will appreciate a unique, eye-catching design that commands their attention in the dispensary or on the shelf. With creative custom packaging for your edibles, oils, and pre-rolls (whatever you sell), you can build a brand that resonates with your customers. Let them know your product is different (and better than the rest) with striking custom-designed packaging that gives your one-of-a-kind product a one-of-a-kind look.

Simplicity is Key

Cannabis packaging can make or break a product and its success, and sometimes less is more. A great example is the simple white Apple packaging everyone knows and loves. It’s so iconic because it is visually attractive and conveys style and sophistication to its customers. This minimalist aesthetic may also help create an illusion of quality at first glance–customers assume that something must be good if it looks so discreetly luxurious. When done right, simple product packaging can evoke feelings of strength, innovation, and timelessness, all positive emotions that can lead to sales success. Remember, simplicity is key when considering how to make your products stand out.

Choose the Right Colors

Choosing the right colors for your packaging is how to make your products stand out and appeal to customers on an emotional level. Color plays a vital role in how customers perceive and interact with products. It can influence everything from their mood to how attractive it looks on the shelf. Different colors evoke certain emotions, so picking the right ones for your packaging is important in grabbing attention and making sure you stand out from the competition. Through careful color selection that accurately reflects your brand identity, you can ensure your product will be viewed favorably by customers and retailers alike. 

Consider the Size

Size matters when it comes to how to make your products stand out. It influences how customers perceive your product and directly impacts delivery costs and distribution due to its effect on postage, handling, and storage. It’s therefore worth putting in extra effort and careful consideration when deciding on a product container. Picking the ideal size will help improve operations from start to finish, from production to delivery. At Green 420 Pack, we offer cannabis jars, bottles, boxes, and more in multiple sizes to ensure you choose the right cannabis packaging supplies in the best size. 

Spell Out the Contents

All cannabis packaging should include a reliable and accurate description of the package contents on the label. A helpful and comprehensive description should include information like potency, flavor, and strain type. Having detailed product descriptions ensures your customers know exactly what to expect when opening the package and using your product, increasing pleasure and satisfaction. Clear product descriptions are how to make your products stand out and ensure packaging compliance

Change Your Packaging 

Have you been thinking about ways to shake up your cannabis product packaging? Whether rebranding, creating a strategic marketing campaign, or launching a new product, custom cannabis packaging is a great way to get more eyes on your products. Changing your packaging is an effective seasonal strategy that can help keep your company competitive and visible. Updating the look, feel, and design of your product packaging is a surefire way to attract customers’ attention and create fresh excitement around your brand. Don’t chicken out when it comes to making bold changes. Revolutionizing how customers perceive your product is how to make your products stand out, giving you the edge over competitors and keeping your business on top.

Merchandising Options

Make sure to consider merchandising when choosing the best cannabis packaging for your products. Will the product be hanging on racks? Will the product be stored behind a display case? How a store showcases your product will determine what packaging you should use. 

For example, bottles and jars full of flower are cleverly designed to attract attention on the store shelf. In contrast, vape cartridges can be hung on display racks with blister packaging. Playing around with shapes, materials, sizes, finishes, and colors can create eye-catching designs that encourage customers to make an impulse purchase. In addition, investing in simple design upgrades can help you get your products noticed in a crowded market.

Make Your Products Stand Out with Custom Cannabis Packaging from Green 420 Pack

Last but not least, partnering with the right cannabis packaging company is how to make your products stand out. And making your cannabis products stand out just got easier with Green 420 Pack. Our custom cannabis design services ensure each package is customized to fit your branding guidelines and attract your target audience. With multiple packaging options, you’re sure to find the right solution for every product. Do away with traditional packaging for a contemporary, customized solution from Green 420 Pack. Shop today!