Blister Packaging for Weed

Cannabis blister packaging is an affordable, durable, and tamper-proof packaging option for multiple types of products.

At Green 420 Pack, our blister packs are functional and customizable to your brand. We offer cannabis blister packaging in various shapes and sizes, as well as other ways to seal your products.

We offer options for you, including fold-over blister packaging, front seal blister packaging, and foil blister packaging.

Blister Packaging Types

Blister packs are ideal for securing vape cartridges, extracts, live resin, pills, and concentrate containers. Because blister packs are clear, they allow for an unobstructed view of your product, making it stand out on the shelves. There are three types of cannabis blister packaging: fold-over, front seal, and foil blister packaging.

Fold-Over Blister Packaging

Fold-over blister packaging uses a folding paperboard backer with a cut-out on one side. The packaging folds over itself to encase your cannabis product within the plastic blister. At Green 420 Pack, our fold-over blister packaging allows you to seal your product in packaging that is both securely sealed and easy to open by the intended user. Choose from fold-over blister packs for cartridges, pills, seeds, and much more.

Face Seal Blister Packaging

Face seal blister packaging presents a dynamic solution for packaging diverse product types. This innovative packaging method involves securing the blister to the blister card through either heat-sealing or a specialized self-sealing glue. The inclusion of self-sealing glue streamlines the packaging process, eliminating the need for complex equipment. This clever feature of self-sealing not only enhances efficiency but also maintains product visibility while ensuring a secure and reliable seal. Green 420 Pack continues to redefine packaging standards by combining functionality and convenience in their Face Seal Blister Packaging.

Foil Blister Packaging

Foil blister packaging uses a foil backing, ideal for pill packs. The foil backing makes it easy for consumers to retrieve a single pill at a time without compromising the entire package. At Green 420 Pack, we offer multiple types of blister packaging and sealing equipment options to suit your needs.

Full Face Seal Blister Packaging

Full face seal blister packaging utilizes the same approach as a face seal blister, but features a plastic blister that covers the full face of the package. By fully covering the blister card, full face seal blisters create a more durable package.

Trapped Blister Packaging

Trapped blister packaging combines some of the best qualities of clamshells and blisters to create a solution with a lot of space for graphics while still featuring a clear window to display the product. This hybrid package is ideal for heavier or bulkier items.

Slide Blister Packaging

Slide blister packaging is designed with flanges that wrap around three sides of an insert card. The card can slide into the blister, securing the card. This kind of packaging can be assembled without any sealing equipment and is most useful for lightweight and flat items.

Advantages of Blister Packaging

Blister packaging has a multitude of advantages when compared to other packaging materials and methods. A few of these advantages include:

  • Product Protection and Safety – Blister packaging, regardless of the type or style, provides high quality product protection against tampering, damage, and contamination. The strength and durability of blister packaging makes it a great option for products, like those in the cannabis industry, that need to be packaged securely.
  • Enhanced Product Visibility – Given that blister packaging utilizes clear plastic casings, this type of packaging offers high product visibility. Blister cards can be customized so that both the product and the brand’s name, logo, and relevant information are all clearly visible to the consumer. Products that are packaged so that the consumer can easily see what they are buying make it easier for the consumer to decide which product they want to purchase. The enhanced product visibility that blister packaging offers can help lead to a higher number of sales.
  • Theft Deterrence – Blister packaging offers heightened product security. The strength of this type of packaging can help to deter theft and tampering. Deterring theft and tampering is extremely important for any type of product, but especially for those within the cannabis industry. The last thing a cannabis company needs is excessive loss of product due to theft or compromised product quality due to tampering.
  • Customizability – Green 420 Pack offers a wide range of customizable options so that your product is packaged exactly how you envision. Choose from our different styles of blister pack so that your product is sealed in the most protective and attractive manner. Customize your blister card so that your brand’s name, logo, and pertinent information is highly visible and easy for consumers to recognize on the shelves.
  • Cost – Blister packaging is a relatively cheap option for all packaging needs. If you’re looking for a safe and reliable way to package your products at a reasonable price, then blister packaging may be the best option for you. In addition to being a cost effective method of packaging, blister packaging offers flexibility in design so that your product can still stand out from the crowd.

Blister Packaging Applications

Blister Packs for Pharmaceuticals

Blister packaging has long been used within the pharmaceutical industry for a wide variety of products. Most commonly, blister packs are used to safely and securely seal pills. This is highly important in the world of pharmaceuticals, as prescription medicines need to be protected to insure product integrity and patient safety. Additionally, blister packaging makes it easier for individuals to keep track of the amount of medicine they have already taken. This is extremely beneficial for older people that struggle with memory deterioration, as well as for people who are taking medicine, like antibiotics, as part of a time-specific sequence of treatment.

Blister packing for pills

Blister Packs for Medical Marijuana

Similar to the pharmaceutical industry, the medical marijuana industry has also long used blister packs as a safe and secure means of packaging products. Medical marijuana produced in pill form is almost exclusively packaged in blister packs because of their child-proof quality. Additionally, medical marijuana produced as vape cartridges is commonly packaged in a blister pack so that customers are able to see exactly what they’re purchasing. This is important in the realm of medical marijuana where there are many options to choose from. Consumers want to be sure they are purchasing their preferred product, and this is easily achieved through the high visibility of blister packaging.

Cannabis packaging ideas for new cannabis products

Other Applications

Aside from the pharmaceutical and medical marijuana industries, blister packs are also used across multiple sectors as a high quality and secure method of packaging products. Other industries that utilize blister packaging as a safe and reliable means of presenting their goods to the market include:

  • Retail
  • Health and Beauty
  • Toys
  • Electronics
  • Office Supplies
  • Tools
  • Automotive

Our Work

Green 420 Pack is a highly trusted custom retail packaging company that tailors options specifically to the cannabis industry. In 2017, we sprouted from a family business with over 60 years of experience in the packaging industry to focus on providing companies with the best quality cannabis product packaging options. We saw a need and realized that we had the expertise to offer a solution. Since then, we have worked with countless brands and companies bringing their products to market in the most secure and customized way possible. We understand that there’s a lot of competition out there, and ensuring that consumers have the opportunity to see why your product is superior starts with packaging. By allowing for highly customizable packaging options with clear visibility, we at Green 420 Pack make great efforts to ensure that your product stands out on the shelf.

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