Making your mark in the cannabis industry requires you to keep up with trends and give consumers what they want. One way to do that is by knowing the most popular cannabis products that fly off the shelves and incorporating them into your product lineup for the year. Discover the most popular cannabis items that are likely to sell well, and learn how to package them for success in the market. 

What Cannabis Products Sell the Most?

The cannabis industry continues to expand. Marijuana has not yet been legalized in all states or at the federal level. However, new cannabis products are continuing to reach the market at a dizzying pace. Whether you produce cannabis for recreational or medical use, it is important to know the most popular cannabis products. More often than not, those products will be the most profitable. Right now, in-demand products include cannabis oil, edibles, vape cartridges, pre-rolls, and buds.

The 5 Most Popular Cannabis Products in 2022

It is a good idea to focus your manufacturing efforts on producing in-demand products. However, it’s equally important that your business finds new ways to market your products to better compete in this ever-growing industry. The good news? At Green 420 Pack, we offer high-quality, creative packaging for the most popular cannabis products to help you get your goods into the hands of your consumers. Continue reading to learn about the most popular cannabis products and the packaging you need to sell them effectively. 

1. Cannabis Oil 

Many cannabis products contain CBD, or cannabidiol, oil. But the oil itself is one of the most popular cannabis products right now. Once you extract CBD oil from the marijuana plant, you can sell it as a concentrate, oil, topical gel, or cream. Consumers often use cannabis oil products for pain, nausea, and anxiety relief. 


The best cannabis packaging for cannabis oil is a glass tincture bottle with a dropper cap. This type of packaging makes it easy for consumers to administer the desired amount of CBD oil under their tongues for absorption. To make your cannabis oil products stand out, choose glass bottles in green, red, blue, black, or amber.

2. Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles refer to any food-grade product infused with marijuana, including cakes and other pastries, chocolates, and gummies. In 2020, edibles were the top-performing cannabis product, and their popularity continues to increase. Many consumers favor edibles over other products because edibles can be consumed more discreetly than inhalable forms of cannabis. Of all the cannabis edibles available, chewable gummies are a top choice. With companies producing gummies in various desirable flavors, they’ve become a quick, easy, and tasty way for consumers to consume cannabis. 

The best cannabis packaging for edibles depends on the type of product you sell. For example, edible cakes and pastries require a durable chipboard box with customized designs to make your product look as delicious as it tastes. For your cannabis gummies, we offer resealable, child-resistant mylar bags that keep your products fresh and let them stand out next to others on the shelves. 

3. Cannabis Vape Cartridges

Vaping cannabis extracts and concentrates using vape cartridges–commonly known as “vape pens”–is increasing in popularity. Consumers choose to vape because doing so doesn’t emit a strong smell, making it easier to smoke discreetly. Additionally, many consumers believe vaping poses fewer health risks than smoking marijuana. Regardless of why, cannabis vape cartridges are one of the most popular cannabis products on the market today. 

At Green 420 Pack, we make it easy for you to package and sell your plant-based oils and extracts with BOLD premium vape cartridges. These high-quality cartridges are designed to provide your customers with a consistently smooth and reliable vaping experience. 

4. Cannabis Pre-Rolls

Although consumers are interested in new and trendy cannabis-infused items, traditional pre-rolls–or joints–are still among the most popular cannabis products on the market. This ready-to-go product is typically inexpensive and disposable. However, these products are filled with ground marijuana buds and, therefore, need careful packaging to meet the strict cannabis packaging requirements.

At Green 420 Pack, our child-resistant pre-roll tubes are available in glass and PVC, with either option available in black and white. We also offer customizable, adhesive labels in virtually any color combination. We help ensure your cannabis pre-rolls stand out among the rest.

5. Cannabis Flowers

Even with all of the alternative cannabis products on the market, no product has stayed more relevant than the cannabis flower. It is statistically the most favored method of cannabis consumption. Therefore, it’s essential to make yours readily distinguishable and available to consumers. At Green 420 Pack, our cannabis jars come in various shapes and sizes to meet your custom needs. Showcase your cannabis flower in glass or PET jars, each of which is avaliable in both clear and amber. 

How to Market the Most Popular Cannabis Products

Manufacturing the most popular cannabis products may be the first step to experiencing success in the industry. Equally important is the ability and commitment to marketing your products in proper and engaging packaging. At Green 420 Pack, we’re confident our customized cannabis packaging options can help you increase sales and grow a customer base.

Most companies focus on selling the most popular cannabis products. You can ensure your target customers choose yours by capturing their attention with unique cannabis branding and design. Visuals play a significant role in getting your products onto the shelves of major dispensaries and into the hands of your clientele. Contact us today to learn more about our cannabis packaging products and services.