If you’re in the cannabis industry, you know that packaging is a critical part of your business and can make or break product sales. That’s why it’s vital to avoid errors when designing custom cannabis packaging. Learn the six most common cannabis packaging mistakes and follow our tips to help your business stand out from the competition.

Six Cannabis Packaging Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

When it comes to selling cannabis and related products, packaging is key. You want to make sure your products stand out on dispensary shelves or in your online store, while also ensuring that they’re securely packaged and tamper-proof. Making mistakes when it comes to cannabis packaging can be costly and could even lead to product recalls. So, be sure to avoid these six cannabis packaging mistakes. 

1. Choosing the Wrong Packaging for your Product

There are multiple types of cannabis packaging supplies for your marijuana products. From glass bottles and tubes to mylar bags to blister packaging, you have options when it comes to choosing the correct container for your product. One of the most significant cannabis packaging mistakes is selecting packaging that doesn’t showcase your product well. Additionally, each state has unique cannabis packaging requirements that highlight specific rules regarding how each product must be sealed. For example, some cannabis products must be packed in child-resistant or tamper-evident containers. Choosing the right packaging type not only increases sales but keeps you within the law. 

2. Sealing Your Cannabis Packaging Incorrectly 

Sealing your cannabis products correctly ensures the health and safety of your consumers. Conversely, if you do sell marijuana products that require child-resistant or tamper-evident packaging, you don’t want to make the mistake of sealing them incorrectly. There are strict guidelines when it comes to child-resistant packaging. By law, the product must be packaged so that it is difficult for children under five to open and be sealed with a pry-off metal crown cap, plastic packaging that’s a minimum of 4 millimeters thick, or heat-sealed without an easy-open feature.

Proper sealing is also essential in keeping your products safe, secure, and fresh. Moisture, heat, and light can damage marijuana products. The last thing you want is your merchandise to get ruined during transport or go bad while sitting on the shelves. 

3. Choosing the Wrong Size Packaging for Your Product

Sizing is also an essential factor when packaging your cannabis products. If you choose a container that’s too small, it could damage your product or affect how visually appealing it is to customers. If you select a packaging option that’s too big–like a giant mylar bag for a few CBD gummies–your customers might feel like you deceived them when they open a huge bag to find only a handful of goodies.

4. Using Low-Quality Images on Your Packaging

Once you choose the right type and size of containers, it’s time to customize them. One of the biggest cannabis packaging mistakes you can make is not using high-definition images and high-quality printing. The cannabis market is highly competitive. With new brands and products introduced regularly, it’s crucial for yours to be visually appealing. That starts with selecting the best company to design and print custom packaging

5. Not Customizing Your Cannabis Packaging to Your Target Consumer

Do you know who your target consumer is? Who is most likely to purchase your products? Are you aiming to capture the attention of the younger generation, or do you sell luxury cannabis products meant for an exclusive audience? Knowing who your audience is will prove helpful when designing custom packaging.

It’s also important to consider where your target market will shop for your products. Do you sell mainly online, where your digital presence is most important? Or do your products sit on shelves amongst your competitors, where they need to be designed with shelving sizes and constraints in mind? These are important questions to consider when designing custom packaging to avoid cannabis packaging mistakes.

6. Labeling Your Cannabis Packaging Incorrectly

The last cannabis packaging mistake to avoid is incorrect labeling. According to cannabis labeling requirements, you must include specific information on certain aspects of your package’s label. From the primary label to the information panel, you must follow the labeling requirements for different types of marijuana products. 

Green 420 Pack Has Custom Packaging for Your Cannabis Products 

You can avoid these cannabis packaging mistakes with our custom packaging services. At Green 420 Pack, we know what it takes to design custom packaging to increase brand awareness and sales. We also know the cannabis packaging and labeling requirements to help you choose the right product and size for your items. Speak with the knowledgeable staff at Green 420 Pack today to learn how we can help you avoid these cannabis packaging mistakes and create compelling custom packaging.