If you’re in the cannabis industry, you know that 420 is the unofficial holiday for marijuana enthusiasts. It’s also an excellent opportunity to promote your cannabis products. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, so does the competition to sell products. You need new, engaging ways to market your goods, and a 420 campaign is an excellent way to reach new customers and boost sales. There are many different ways to run a 420 campaign, so read on for tips, ideas, and strategies to achieve the best results.

Know Your Audience

One of the most important aspects of any successful marketing campaign is knowing your audience. When you know who you’re trying to reach, you can create the content they’re most interested in. For example, if you’re a luxury cannabis company, cracking jokes about getting “baked” on 420 or calling it a “stoner’s holiday” might not suit your target market. Rather, you should tailor your marketing language to better reflect your customer base. The type of campaign you develop and how you promote it depends on who you’re trying to reach.

Develop a Multi-Tactic 420 Campaign Strategy

Once you know who you want to reach with your 420 campaign, you must determine how you’ll reach them. For your campaign to be most effective, you should promote it on multiple channels in various ways. Here are three places to promote your 420 campaign for the most significant results. 

1. Your Website

Start promoting your cannabis 420 campaign on your website. Add a banner to your homepage that highlights the promotion, whether a sale on specific products, a discount on an order, or something else. Then, write a blog post about the campaign. Be sure to incorporate SEO keywords relevant to your promotion to help your blog post rank on Google. Some keywords to use include “420 Campaign,” “Cannabis Sale,” “420 Sale,” and other phrases that correlate with your marketing focus. 

2. Your Social Media Pages

Next, you’ll want to create multiple fun, engaging posts to publish on your social media channels. Exciting visuals and relevant hashtags drive engagement on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Create an Instagram Reel about your 420 campaign using a trending sound or song, and repurpose it on TikTok. For your campaign to gain traction on socials, you’ll need to post about it multiple times during the promotion period. Be sure to show up on Instagram Stories and cross-promote all the content on Facebook or other social channels you use as well. 

3. Your Email Marketing List

If you have a list of email subscribers, write a few emails to send over the course of your 420 campaign. Build excitement for the promotion, and increase your email open rates with an engaging subject line. If you don’t have an email subscriber list, this campaign is a perfect time to build one. Simply choose an email marketing platform like Flodesk or MailChimp. Create a lead capture form to put on your website as a pop-up. And offer a campaign discount code in exchange for a visitor’s email address. That way, your customers get the discount, and you get their contact information to start growing your subscriber list. 

Promote Your Cannabis Products with a 420 Campaign

Leverage Influencers to Expand Your Reach

Because social media platforms and search engines ban certain cannabis-related content and keywords, you need a different way to promote your 420 campaign to a larger audience. Utilizing influencers is an excellent opportunity because they already have significant followings. They don’t need to “boost” posts or create ads that are likely to be rejected. There are many ways to develop an influencer marketing strategy, and you just need to find what works for your company.

Get Inspired with 420 Campaign Ideas for Your Cannabis Brand

Now that you know how to promote your cannabis products with a multi-tactic 420 campaign, it’s time to get inspired by these unique promotion ideas.

Offer a 420-related discount.

  • Give customers $4.20 off their order of $42.00 or more.
  • Give customers 4.20% off their order, regardless of how much they spend. 
  • Give customers 20% off their order when they purchase 4 (or more) items. 

Develop a catchy 420-related campaign slogan.

  • Whether you’re in the cannabis industry or are a 420-friendly business in another industry, you can incorporate “420” into your company name to promote your products during your campaign. Here are some examples of non-cannabis companies that did just that.

Do a 420-related giveaway campaign.

  • “4 Days, 20 Giveaways. #Happy420.” A 420 giveaway helps increase brand awareness and engagement for your company, especially on social media sites.

The more creative, the better when developing a 420 campaign. Be sure to consider your audience and highlight your promotion on all your platforms to generate the most engagement and revenue for your business.

Promote Your Cannabis Products with a 420 Campaign

Promote Your Cannabis Products with Creative Packaging on 420 and Beyond

Custom cannabis packaging is essential for promoting and selling your products on 420 and beyond. First impressions are everything, and attractive packaging can make all the difference in generating sales. Additionally, packaging can showcase the unique features of your product and set it apart from the competition. At Green 420 Pack, we specialize in helping cannabis manufacturers create attractive and professional packaging for their products. We offer various services, including design, printing, and assembly. We also provide a wide range of stock options to choose from, so you can find the perfect packaging for your needs. Contact us today for more information and make sure your products stand out during your 420 campaign!